(1)Introduction of Kuyogura

Welcome to Kuyogura – Yuasa’s soy sauce storehouse. It is a birthplace of Yuasa soy sauce. You can learn about barrels made of Japanese cedar tree and Moromi (main fermenting mash) at Kuyogura.


About Kuyo-Gura

Kuyogura is a soy sauce storehouse owned byYuasa Soy Sauce Ltd. You are able to see the whole process of soy sauce production here.

When you proceed along routs indicated by numbers, you can see the history of soy sauce, Japanese cedar barrels, compression and filling equipment, oar insertion experience (extra fee) as well as the tasting and sampling.

The final destination is a souvenir shop “Hishiokan”. Feel free to enjoy your souvenir shopping here. If you would like to try oar insertion, please pay a fee at the counter located by the entrance.

Characteristics of Kuyogura

Eleven Japanese cedar wood barrels are placed in Kuyogura, and each barrel is still filled up with Kuyoguras original soy sauce.

Yuasa Soy Sauce Ltd. produces all of our soy sauce independently. Due to the use of “no water adding”method, our soy sauce maintains high purity and natural flavor of soy sauce.



At our storehouse, we pay full attention to safety of visitors; however, we appreciate your consideration where our staffs are working.
There are stairs in our storehouse, and the route goes from the order of 1st floor to the 2nd floor, and back to the 1st floor. Please ask the nearest staff if you need assistance with mobility. You can also enjoy shopping at Hishiokan (8) or rest at café Hishio(9).

The restroom is located at Hishiokan (8). Make sure to use a restroom prior to the soy sauce storehouse tour.

→(2)Kuyogura entrance